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What is the Vocal Performance Power Pack?

The Vocal Performance Power Pack is a unique singing lessons and vocal training solution that includes three Sing Smart, Not Hard™ programs. Designed to GROW with you, as you increase your singing skills. This course is FAR MORE than your standard singing lessons program.

With the Vocal Performance Power Pack you will learn HOW to sing, step by step, including important Vocal Mechanics information and singing exercises most courses never mention.

Designed around "10 Steps to Singing Success", this singing lessons package meets every singer's needs. Whether you prefer to listen to instruction, read instruction or have a more hands-on approach using interactive software and communication directly with an expert singing coach, the Vocal Performance Power Pack is the most complete singing lessons offer around.

And EVEN BETTER, the price is a small fraction of what you will pay for other singing lessons programs.

Singing Lessons Technique and Method

Sing SMART, Not Hard™

A unique and revolutionary singing lessons system.

Small but Powerful   Medium & Meaty   Large & Detailed   Singing Lessons Free Bonus
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Just the Simple Facts!

Pro Singers print the book to keep in their gig bag for a reference and love the quick warmup when in a pinch for time.

Beginner Singers love the straight-forward factual nature.

Karaoke Singers use this course to learn basic facts they need to know to impress their audience -- and the 8.5 Minuted Extended Warmup on the way to their favorite Karaoke establishment. Warming up the voice makes a HUGE difference!

Teachers love the easy to follow lesson plan and 8.5 minute group warmup!


>> WebBook w/ Audio

>> Interactive Software (both 1.0 and 2.0 included),

>> Print .pdf Book

>> Fast & Funky .mp3s

>> Fast & Funky 8.5 minute Karaoke-Style Exercise

Effective & Easy!

Pro Singers love this 45 minute vocal exercise program. Whether they are warming up the voice pre-performance or exercising to maintain or increase skill level, this powerful Vocal Workout makes a difference. Easy to follow instructions serve as a reminder for important vocal techniques!

Beginner Singers see fast improvement due to the organized vocal exercise instruction and design!

Teachers love the easy to follow audio lesson plan wtih contemporary vocal exercises that students enjoy using every day!

Many Singers find that using this vocal training program during a 40 minute commute VERY EFFECTIVE.


>> 13 audio tracks of vocal instruction

>> 11 fun vocal exercises

>> Singing tips, examples, clear analogies and written information that make the concepts easy to understand!

Organized & Detailed

Pro Singers love this course because they get all the information teachers didn't have time to share or lacked vocal mechanic knowledge.

Beginner Singers that really want to know about singing love the step-by-step detailed nature that doesn't leave anything out, building a strong vocal foundation.

Teachers love this detailed curriculum designed around, 10 Steps to Singing Success. Created to grow with students, it can be effectively utilized for long-term vocal training. Comes complete with quizzes to check comprehension!


>> Printable 200-Page Book

>> Easy Exercise Vocal Jukebox

>> .mp3 downloads and online play of all audio files

>> Interactive Course Software makes learning the nitty gritty of singing mechanics fun and easy!

>> 30 Day Practice Plan to get you started in the right direction and see immediate results.

are included for FREE!

Not only do you get all three online singing lessons courses, which work very well together, you also get some incredible free bonuses:

Affordable Singing Lessons 24/7 Online Access

In addition to your download purchase you also get online access through A2Z Smart Music Academy for online training from any computer or device.

Affordable Singing Lessons A2Z Smart Music Library

Free access to the A2Z Smart Music Library for one year where you can find additional training and tips from various authors and experts.

Singing Lessons Easy Vocal Exercises

Free one year access to the A2Z Vocal Exercise Collection with Download Privileges. Personalize your exercise routine by changing the key (higher or lower) and tempo (faster or slower) at the push of a button!

Singing Lessons Easy One Year Access to the Entire A2Z Smart Music Academy Resources

Free access to the entire music academy for one COMPLETE YEAR!


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Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BMEYvonne DeBandi, BME, magna-cum laude graduate of the reknowned Florida State University School of Music, has been educating singers and musicians since 1989.

Using a concept she developed from years of chorus/musical theater, orchestra (violin/viola) and band (french horn) experiences from high school, a University Class Pedagogy Project, some real hard performance time on the stage touring with working commercial bands through the 90s (voice and keys), and information gleaned from anatomy books, she developed vocal techniques that allowed her to keep her voice night after night. Learning to treat the voice like an instrument you could hold in your hands, a machine that could be fine tuned, a machine that required daily exercise to pull off the performance at the highest level wa the key. The final eye-opening realization was that DeBandi instinctually warmed up her hand-held instruments as well as "exercised" daily by practicing scales, etc. but she did not give the same methodical consideration to the voice. And when she went looking specifically for this type of information,it was nowhere to be found... The SingSmart, Not Hard Method was born.

Not being able to find the information she needed, the organized concepts of the SingSmart Method were first conceived out of personal necessity, kind of a mental check list as things began to go wrong. For DeBandi, who began training on the violin at age four, hearing a certain sound filled with musical nuances in your head and the sound coming out of your mouth not equalling that sound, was quite frustrating. The organized concepts of the SingSMART Method are the same ones used personally by DeBandi. They help you to kick-start the machine as a beginning singer and fine-tune the machine as an experienced singer. The method's effectiveness has been proven by both teachers and self-study students, year after year.

In addition to hard-copy books/CDs, DeBandi began using this new vocal training method, SingSMART Not Hard™, to singers around the world using the very first online training curriculums and distance training programs available with great success. Since her primary focus has always been on providing vocal education to the masses, in 2001 she began networking with other expert vocal coaches, founded the A2Z Educational Network which evolved into the A2Z Smart Music Group in 2005 and still exists working towards the same goals today.

In addition to the teaching work, DeBandi doesn't believe in just "preaching to the choir. " Putting these ideas to constant test and practice is an important part of the continued method testing and development. In both 2010 and 2011 Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi performed over 300 professional vocal/piano/guitar gigs in styles ranging from Classic Broadway to Jazz to Rock and in 2013 championed commercial performances that often included over six hours of cumulative solo singing. In that entire performance run, DeBandi never cancelled a single gig due to loss of voice or vocal fatigue. In addition to vocal stamina, by using the SingSmart™ technique, she successfully moves from artists like Janis Joplin to Billie Holiday throughout each performance without comprimising styles.

While some may view her as a pioneer in the vocal education industry; those that work with her, know a vocal coach that breeds solid singers and working musicians, who cares more about sharing the craft of singing than personal profit. To that end, all of her vocal training courses are now offered in at very affordable prices in a variety of convenient formats.

Becoming an elite singer, and even more importantly the best singer YOU can possibly be is both rewarding and satisfying. If you have always wanted to find your true voice, live up to your singing potential or just enjoy singing, learning to SingSMART Not Hard is not only effective, it's easy and fun.

And, if you don't want to take the vocal training journey on your own and can't find what you need face-to-face in your area, join Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi online. Membership options at the A2Z Smart Music Academy offer direct support and mentoring. You can also join Coach Yvonne on facebook at




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"I always thought I knew how to breathe right for singing, but I learned some new tips that made a big difference in my breath control." divagirl, CT

"I bought this program two weeks ago and began using it right away. My last couple of nights singing karaoke my friends have really complimented on my improvement....even strangers are making a point to tell me they liked my performance. Thanks!" Heidi, NY

"I'm a teacher and I seem to have a real problem by the winter months with my throat getting dry and hurting by the end of the day. I started doing this program on my way to work as recommended and I have noticed a huge difference!" S.A., TN

"My acting professor told me I needed to work on vocal projection and even lost a couple of parts because I couldn't get my voice out to the audience without significant amplification. The Fast & Funky warmup has helped me strengthen my diaphragm and it worked! I just got a leading role in my school's next production!!!" Lisa, PA

"I'm a professional singer that sings a variety of club gigs every week. I've tried a lot of different ways to warm-up my voice but wanted to share that this program is the fastest and easiest method I have ever used. It's perfect for me." Crystal, FL

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